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Canberra Corporation Announces New Hire



Canberra Corporation, a leading manufacturer of cleaning chemicals for the commercial, institutional and industrial markets, announced the hiring of Cristin Reno to the role of regulatory compliance associate. 

Reno joins the Canberra team with experience as an undergraduate research assistant and as a leader on chemical engineering councils. 

A recent University of Toledo graduate, Reno received her Bachelor of Science degree with a major in chemical engineering and minors in chemistry and business administration. 


Canberra Celebrates 10 Years of Safer Choice


Canberra Corporation is a leading manufacturer of cleaning chemicals for the commercial, institutional and industrial markets and has been a Safer Choice Partner since 2009. 

Safer Choice (previously known as Design for the Environment), is a program that recognizes companies for promoting the protection of human health and the environment through safer chemistry.

All chemicals in a Safer Choice-labeled product are evaluated through the EPA's rigorous scientific process and only the safest ingredients are allowed. Partners of Safer Choice are also required to undergo annual reviews, including on-site audits, to verify product ingredients and ensure compliance with all program requirements.

“We’re committed to informed substitution, transparency, proactive chemical management, sustainable chemistry and innovation in our operations and across all of our owned brand professional and household products…offering Safer Choice Certified products supports this,” said Kelly Okdie, Senior Director of Product Quality, Compliance and Development, Canberra Corporation. 

Canberra Corporation currently has 25 products that meet the Safer Choice standard. A complete listing of Canberra’s Safer Choice products may be found here.  

For more information about Safer Choice products, please contact your local Canberra sales support team.

Odor Neutralizer Added to JAWS Professional Line



Canberra Corporation, a leading manufacturer of cleaning chemicals for the commercial, institutional and industrial markets, is excited to introduce Ultra Mist Air & Fabric Odor Neutralizer to the JAWS Professional and Private Brand offering.

The JAWS Professional Ultra Mist bottle is designed to be refilled and reused each time you need a new bottle of Odor Neutralizer, making this one of the most sustainable options on the market.

“We are able to eliminate single-use aerosols by offering the reusable JAWS Ultra Mist bottle and three advanced, concentrated refill formulas. Consumers will be pleasantly surprised to know that this formula addresses the root cause of the odor with bio-based formulation at a better price point than single use aerosols,” said Felicia Yacko, Product Manager, Canberra Corporation.

Unlike standard aerosols, Ultra Mist delivers a fine mist without any propellant or wasted product.

“When we looked at odor management products on the market today, we realized most come in single-use, steel can delivery systems and the formulas only mask the odors with heavy perfumes,” said Yacko.

Ultra Mist Air & Fabric Odor Neutralizer is available in three bio-based, environmentally preferred fragrances. (Spring Rain, Cucumber Basil and Citrus Lavender) Bio-based zinc ions bind to unwanted odors to eliminate the root cause, leaving behind zero residue. Ultra Mist is designed to be sprayed wherever odors are present- both in the air and on fabrics. Areas of use include offices, pet care centers, exercise facilities, lobbies and waiting rooms and waste treatment facilities.

“The mission of JAWS Professional is to look at single-use packaging in a more sustainable way. We’re able to offer a better formula and remove the cost of single-use delivery systems. Ultra Mist falls perfectly in line with our objectives and it smells incredible!”

For more information, please contact your local Canberra Sales Support Team.

Available for Private Brand.

Measles Outbreak Across United States


Measles were declared eliminated 20 years ago as a public health threat in the United States, but has since re-emerged.

Outbreaks of the respiratory virus have been confirmed in nearly a dozen states across the country so far this year and have been directly correlated with unvaccinated travelers in and out of the U.S.

From the same virus family as mumps (Paramyxoviridae,) measles are highly contagious and a disease found only in humans.

According to the CDC, measles starts with fever, runny nose, cough, red eyes and sore throat, followed by a rash that spreads over the body. Spread through sneezing and coughing, the virus can live in the air for up two hours. 

Although the CDC recommends the MMR vaccine to best prevent the disease, proper disinfection and hand washing can help contain the spreading of the virus.

Both Husky 891 Arena Disinfectant and Husky 814 Q/T Tuberculocidal Spray Disinfectant Cleaner can be effective on hard surfaces against the enveloped Paramyxovirus virus.

Canberra Corporation Launches Two New Disinfectants


Canberra Corporation, a leading manufacturer of cleaning chemicals for the commercial, institutional and industrial markets, is excited to introduce two new disinfectants to the Husky line and Private Brand offering.

Husky 892 Arena Plus Disinfectant and Husky 824 Quick Care Disinfectant incorporate the latest in disinfection technology and effectively eradicate bacteria, viruses and fungi from a variety of surfaces.

“When we stepped out of our offices and listened to people using standard disinfectants, we found that not only were very few people using them properly, they didn’t have 10 minutes to wait for the disinfectant to do it’s job,” said Chase Yacko, National Sales & Marketing Manager, Canberra Corporation.

Unlike other disinfectants in the market with 10-minute kill claims, Arena Plus kills bacteria and virus’ in 5 minutes, including Norovirus. This neutral pH formula cleans and disinfects in one-step. Arena Plus is approved for many surfaces such as tile, finished hardwood and rubber floors in a variety of environments including: hospitals, long term care facilities, hotels and schools.

Husky 824 Quick Care is a four-in-one disinfectant that cleans, disinfects, sanitizes and deodorizes. With 50 different kill claims, Quick Care is effective at killing Influenza Type A in 60 seconds and sanitizes hard surfaces in 15 seconds. Along with its ability to air dry, Quick Care is one of few products on the market today that is registered to sanitize soft, porous surfaces.

“Bacteria and viruses can live on soft surfaces for weeks. People tend to forget about the soft surfaces too. Like the chair in a waiting room or the recliner at a movie theater,” said Yacko.

Both Husky Arena Plus and Husky Quick Care are concentrated formulas packaged in an easy-to-use, squeeze and pour bottle. This design promotes proper dilution while keeping costs low to ensure every day, economical use.

“We wanted to deliver a solution that met the needs of the average user, said Yacko. “At Canberra, we’re always looking for the next innovation for the market. This is just the next step in delivering on that promise.”

For more information and to take advantage of the introductory special pricing, please contact your local Canberra Sales Support team.

Husky 824 & 892 are available for Private Brand.

October 15 Celebrates Global Handwashing Day


Started in 2008 by the Global Handwashing Partnership, Global Handwashing Day is celebrated each year on October 15.

Global Handwashing Day raises awareness of the importance of handwashing and encourages action to promote and sustain handwashing habits, especially with children.

Recent studies done by the Center for Disease Control have shown that proper hand washing can prevent one in three diarrhea related sicknesses and one in five respiratory infections, such as a cold or the flu.

Not only does this day highlight the importance of washing hands, but the importance proper hand washing. A recent study done by the U.S. Department of Agriculture found that American’s don’t wash their hands correctly 97% of the time.

Handwashing is a simpliest (and easiest!) way to ensure overall health.

For more information on this globally recognized day, click here.


Dallas Bound- ISSA 2018!


The countdown to ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America 2018 is under way! Canberra is looking forward to attending ISSA to connect with customers, partners and industry experts.

Taking place from October 29-November 1 in Dallas, Texas, ISSA offers attendees a first glance at the latest and greatest innovations in the cleaning industry.  Our team is excited not only about the networking opportunities ISSA presents, but the chance to display Canberra’s products, services and commitment to the chemical industry.Our exhibit will feature our Check Mate Electrostatic Cleaning System, new Quick Kill Disinfectants and preview of products coming soon.

Please visit us at Booth #4255 to learn what we’re planning for 2019.  We hope to see you there!

Canberra Corp. Names Roger McFadden Vice President of Innovation and Sustainability



TOLEDO, OH.—March 15, 2018-- Canberra Corporation ( announced that it has named Roger McFadden Vice President, Sustainability and Innovation effective May 1. In his newly created role, McFadden will work with chemical producers and the Canberra Research and Development, Sales, and Leadership teams to create innovative, high performance products that are safe and sustainable for consumers, brands and retailers.


“We are delighted to welcome Roger McFadden whose unique experience, strong scientific expertise and profound passion and knowledge of green chemistry and environmental sustainability will further enable Canberra to pursue its long-standing investment in cutting-edge chemistry and further develop its commitment to sustainable innovation,” said Bruce Yacko, CEO at Canberra Corporation. “Roger’s wealth of experience and industry knowledge make him a key addition to the Canberra leadership team. A growing demand for safe and more sustainable cleaning products led us to look for an addition to our team who will fit in with our ethos of innovation and exceptional service, and it is very fortunate that we were able to find someone of Roger’s caliber to fulfill this role. I’m confident that Roger will play a key role in applying his knowledge and experience to help innovate and offer high performance products and solutions to our clients.”


Roger previously served as Vice President and Senior Scientist at Staples. He has held product development, sustainability and innovation leadership positions at Coastwide Laboratories, Dynamic Research and Atlas Chemical. In addition, he was Chief Science Officer at Corporate Express. Roger is a sustainability and green chemistry professional with more than 25 years of industry experience innovating and formulating a broad portfolio of consumer and professional cleaning products for brands and retailers.

“I’m excited to join Canberra in this new role,” said McFadden. “I look forward to working with suppliers and the excellent R&D, Sales and Leadership teams to create new and exciting products for consumers and help our business customers meet their performance, sustainability and safer chemicals objectives. I believe the future belongs to cleaning product formulator companies that integrate sustainable chemistry into their product design and select chemical ingredients that are designed using green chemistry principles.”   

About Canberra Corporation

For more than 53 years, Canberra Corporation has been a leading manufacturer of custom cleaning chemicals for the commercial, institutional, and industrial markets. It is our corporate mission to be the highest quality and value-driven custom manufacturer of cleaning products.  Canberra is the partner of choice to the cleaning industry offering a comprehensive array of services and liquid cleaning products from everyday to highly specialized cleaning products and innovative dispensing systems. 

Contact: Todd Schimmoeller | Canberra Corporation | | 419-841-6616


NEW Check Mate Electrostatic Cleaning System Provides More Effective Cleaning and Disinfecting


Canberra is pleased to introduce the Check Mate Electrostatic Cleaning Systema system that provides frontline employees an easy and effective way to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses in schools, gyms, acute long-term care medical facilities, nurseries, offices and more.   This system pairs Canberra's expertise in industry leading cleaning chemicals and disinfectants with an electrostatic application technology to provide a more effective cleaning and disinfecting process. This new system helps reduce user error and greatly reduces the time required to clean and disinfect our facilities. 

The Check Mate system includes:

  • A disinfectant that works 70% faster than traditional disinfectants.
  • A sanitizer to quickly and easily sanitize food and non-food surfaces.
  • An applicator that quickly and evenly covers the entire surface area.

This program not only shortens disinfecting dwell times, it also provides an application device that covers more surface area in a lot less time!

Check Mate Electrostatic Cleaning System



Two High Efficiency Products Added to iDispense Product Line


Canberra is pleased to add two High Efficient formulas to our popular iDispense product line.   

Husky 806 Neutral Disinfectant 256 is a highly concentrated, multi-purpose, cleaner, disinfectant and deodorizer that is highly dilutable for the lowest end-use cost. It can be used on both finished and unfinished surfaces.

JAWS 7702HE Neutral Cleaner is a  neutral floor cleaner specially designed for cleaning high-gloss floor finishes.  The excellent cleaning properties and pleasant fragrance make it ideal for damp mopping or scrubbing floors without jeopardizing their wet-look shine. This non-streaking formula reduces labor costs while preserving gloss in high traffic areas.

Accurate Dilution control has never been easier or more convenient. With the iDispense system, there are no equipment purchases, installation charges or repair costs. This portable, one-time-use dilution system enables you to choose between fill rates – high-flow for bucket filling and low-flow for bottle filling. Simply connect to your water source, select your container type, fill your container and go. Get versatility, accuracy and convenience all in one cost-effective package.

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