Canberra Launches JAWS® Professional Mopping System

May 23, 2023

Canberra Corporation launches the JAWS® Professional Mopping System, the first ever bucket-less, mobile dilution mop. Delivering industrial-strength cleaning in a simplistic, portable system, the JAWS® Professional Mop is ideal for any location that demands simple, fast & easy clean-up.

From hard-to-reach spaces to high-traffic floor areas, the JAWS® Professional Mopping System gets the job done quicker without ever having to return to the cleaning closet. Built around its patented range of powerful cleaning solutions, the JAWS® Professional Mop offers a safer, closed-loop delivery system that eliminates dilution errors and the need to mix and measure chemicals. With 60% faster drying times than traditional mopping and an intuitive design that reduces the need for training, the JAWS® mop is perfect for fast-paced environments and non-professional cleaners.

“The JAWS® Professional Mopping System introduces a new chapter in the world of cleaning,” says Courtney Ryan, Director of Marketing – I&I Division. “We believe that cleaning shouldn’t be a hassle or require extensive training. The launch of the JAWS® Professional Mopping System showcases Canberra’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, safety and improved efficiency for our customers.”

Canberra has been a leading manufacturer of cleaning chemicals for the commercial, institutional, and industrial markets since 1963. A third-generation family business, Canberra has a reputation for excellence, quality and innovation. The launch of the JAWS® Professional Mopping System is another example of the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional products that meet the needs of its customers. Learn more about the JAWS® Professional Mopping System.

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