Canberra Launches Husky® Biotic

Biotic Launch

December 6, 2023

Canberra is excited to announce the launch of Biotic, a versatile range of Bio-Enzymatic Cleaners. Designed with productivity in mind, each cleaner was expertly formulated to address the toughest challenges in facility maintenance. Harnessing the power of good bacteria, Canberra’s bio-enzymatic cleaners break down and eliminate stubborn stains, built-up soils and malodors from a variety of surfaces.

From drains to grease traps to septic systems, the microbes in bio-enzymatic cleaners are able to penetrate deep into small cracks and crevices on surfaces, effectively eliminating stains and odors that traditional chemicals can’t reach. They keep working long after the initial cleaning process is complete, providing a continuous clean that increases efficiency, saves time and reduces labor costs.

Compared to traditional, chemical-based alternatives, bio-enzymatic cleaners are also safer for users and the environment. “Canberra’s Biotic cleaners are powerful, yet safe and effective,” said Courtney Ryan, I&I Marketing Director. “They are perfect for tackling embedded stains and odors, and the best part is that they keep working long after being applied to the surface.”

Canberra Corporation is a recognized leader in cleaning chemical manufacturing, product innovation and customer driven services for the commercial, institutional, industrial and retail markets.

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