Canberra Upholds Innovation & Technological Progress Through Intellectual Property Pursuits

February 21, 2023

Canberra Corporation focuses on innovation and technological progress in the new year as they continue their pursuit of intellectual property development. Canberra has made considerable investments to maintain their positioning as a recognized leader within the janitorial and sanitation industry by pushing the boundaries of innovation and leveraging cutting-edge technology to revolutionize cleaning and challenge conventional industry standards.

Canberra’s latest intellectual property pursuit will firmly establish them as disruptors within this space and further enhance their growth and commitment to the janitorial and sanitation supply markets by providing the next generation of chemical management. This cutting-edge, non-Venturi technology provides a greater range of capability and delivers a sophisticated measurement system that guarantees superior accuracy, enhances safety and eliminates product waste.

“The recent enhancements to our dispensing system patent technology will bring a unique approach to chemical management in our quest to bolster conservation and sustainability efforts within the industry. The broad range of patent filings we have put in place in the latter part of 2022 and in early 2023 will protect our IP and enable our development team to set a precedent for long-term industry change,” says Todd Schimmoeller, President.

Canberra is a third-generation family business that began in Toledo, Ohio. Since 1963, Canberra has been a leading manufacturer of cleaning chemicals for the commercial, institutional and industrial markets. Canberra has a comprehensive portfolio of cleaning chemicals and innovative dispensing systems that streamline cleaning procedures and eliminate waste, making products not only more sustainable but also more cost effective.

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