JAWS Professional 3404

MaxBiotic Enzymatic Floor Cleaner

Fast acting. Long lasting.

Concentrated enzyme-fortified cleaner and degreaser. Attacks and eliminates grease and other contaminants to achieve a cleaner and safer floor surface. Enzymes enhance surface soil removal and penetrate deep into porous surfaces and grout lines to break up and release a wide range of embedded soils including oils, grease and sugary stains. Controls odors by eliminating odor causing organics. Formulated to be used with the JAWS Professional Mopping System.

JAWS 3404 MaxBiotic Enzymatic Floor Cleaner
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Ingredient Disclosure

Product Details
Dilution One cartridge is diluted in 32oz. of water
pH Level 8.5 - 10.0
Color Green
Fragrance Lavender/Citrus
Pack Size 24 Refill Cartridges, Mop Master Case
How to Use

Use with JAWS Professional Mopping System:

  1. Push mop trigger for triple stream action.
  2. Mop square footage.

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