Husky 421

Glass, Plastic & Screen Cleaner Concentrate

Seamlessly streak-free.

Concentrated, streak-free, non-fogging, glass cleaner that may be utilized on home windows, commercial building windows, car windows, Lexan, Lucite and Plexiglass surfaces, as well as computer and television screens.

Registrations & Certifications: EPA Safer Choice

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Product Details
Dilution 4 - 6 oz. per gal.
pH Level 7.0 - 9.0
Color Turquoise
Fragrance Fragrance Free
Pack Size 4/1 Gal
How to Use
  1. Dilute concentrate at 4 to 6 oz. per gallon.
  2. Hold 6-8 inches from surface.
  3. Using a trigger sprayer, apply directly to surface (except when cleaning electronic devices – see special instructions).
  4. Always wipe from the bottom up.

Special Instructions:

  1. When using on office machinery and electronic devices, always spray on paper towel or clean cloth.
  2. Wipe area to be cleaned.

Note: Never spray directly on any surface where working office machinery or computer parts would be exposed to this product.

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