These Common Mistakes Can Damage Floors & Put a Dent in Your Budget


  • Not Using The Right ProductsHusky Floor Cleaner & Neutralizer balances out the pH of ice melt salts and removes the white haze residue caused by winter soils.
  • Underestimating Proper Matting- Having the right size mats to trap dirt and moisture is just as important as vacuuming them regularly. Matting can trap up to 90% of dirt from entering the facility.
  • Not Using Signage- Properly placed signs help keep your staff, workers and visitors safe to inform them of wet floors.
  • Forgetting About Your Carpet Extractor - Add a neutralizer solution to the carpet extractor tank to combat the pH of ice melt. Not only will this help clean and neutralize the pH, it will also assist in odor control of soggy wet fibers.
  • Not Maintaining Your Auto Scrubber- Cleaning the tank regularly and using Floor Cleaner & Neutralizer on auto scrubber tubing will maintain the life of your machinery by preventing alkaline buildup.