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April 1 - June 28


Keep carpets clean and extend their life with Canberra's full line of carpet care products.  From daily spotters to deep extraction cleaners, Canberra offers products to meet your carpet care needs.  Try our user-focused spot removal kit containing two quarts of each of our 3-in-1 Carpet Cleaner, Tanning Spotter and Bio-Clenz Spot Cleaner

 Carpet Cleaners

Husky 1100 3-in1 Carpet Cleaner - Concentrated, high-traffic area carpet and rug cleaner that can be used as a pre-spray, bonnet cleaner, or stain remover.

Husky 1110 Extraction Carpet Concentrate - Low-foaming, concentrated carpet cleaner, specially formulated for use with extraction equipment.

Husky 1120  Dry Foam Carpet Shampoo - Generates a deep cleaning foam, which dries to an easily vacuumed powder.

 Carpet Spotters

Husky 1130 Foam Control Agent - eliminates foaming problems and is ideal for use in auto scrubbers, extracting machines, and wet vac equipment.

Husky 1140 Bio-Clenz Spot Cleaner - eliminates odors from carpet and upholstery by quickly breaking down and digesting organic solid.  Designed to eliminate urine, milk, beer, blood, chocolate, and food stains.

Husky 1150 Tannin Spotter - Ready-to-use, effectively cleans coffee, tea, rust stains in carpets and upholstery.