JAWS Professional 6072

Neutral Damp Mop Cleaner

High-gloss finishes without the hassle.

Highly concentrated neutral floor cleaner is rinse-free and particularly effective for cleaning various types of flooring, including sealed wood, linoleum, terrazzo, marble, vinyl, and more, without leaving a film or streaks. Ideal for use on high-traffic floor areas and on high-gloss floor finishes. Squeeze and pour design conveniently measures 32 oz. of concentrate to create 32 gal. of ready-to-use product. Recommended for daily use. VOC Carb Compliant.

Registrations & Certifications: EPA Safer Choice

JAWS 6072 Neutral Damp Mop Cleaner
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Product Details
Dilution 1:256
pH Level 6.5 - 7.5
Color Yellow
Fragrance Citrus
Pack Size 6/32 oz. S&P
How to Use
  1. Dilute with cold water as follows:
    a. For heavy to normal or routine cleaning: 1:64 (2 oz. per gallon)
    b. For light or touch-up cleaning: 1:256 (½ oz. per gallon)
  2. Apply with damp mop for routine cleaning.
  3. For use as an A4 cleaner in food processing applications, use of this product must be followed by a potable water rinse.

Note: Undiluted product causes skin and eye irritation. Undiluted product can damage some surface.

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