JAWS 3604

Liquid Malodor Counteractant (Mountain Fresh)

A concentrated, fast-acting, liquid odor eliminator that leaves behind a fresh scent. May be utilized on a variety of surfaces such as drapes, carpets, upholstery, trash receptacles, toilets, and urinals. Each 10-ml. cartridge yields one quart of spray product.

Additional JAWS Package Options: 1. Ready-to-use proprietary JAWS spray bottles decorated by formula (100 bottles/case/formula); 2. Special JAWS sprayers sold in bulk (100 sprayers/case)
Acid Type
Active %
One cartridge makes 32 ounces of RTU cleaner
pH Level
6.5 – 8.0
Dye Free
Mountain Fresh
Stock Pack Size
24 pack, starter pack (6 cartridges, 6 sprayers, and 6 labeled bottles)