Husky 902

Non-Butyl Industrial Detergent Complex

Powerful solutions for your toughest jobs.

Highly concentrated surfactant cleaner and degreaser specially formulated to be effective where cutting and lubricating oils are used. Holds grease and oil in suspension for extended time periods. Appropriate for cleaning commercial building and office spaces as well as industrial facilities and equipment.

Husky 902 Non-Butyl Industrial Detergent Complex
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Product Details
Dilution Various
pH Level 12.0 - 13.5
Color Yellow
Fragrance Lemon
Pack Size 4/1 Gal, 55 Gal Drum
How to Use
  1. Use Dilution Guide to determine starting point. Adjust dilution for soil load or other factors.
  2. After surface has been cleaned, rinse thoroughly with water.

Regular Uses/Recommended Dilution:

General Maintenance:
Light soil: 1:30 (4 oz./gal.) or 1:50 (2 ½ oz./gal.)
Medium soil: 1:10 (12 oz./gal.)
Heavy soil: 1:3 (43 oz./gal.)
Appliances, Lawn Mowers, Electric Motors: 1:15 (8 oz./gal.)
Conveyors, Lift Trucks, Diesel Units, Metal Working & Stamping Machines, Printing Presses: 1:10 (12 oz./gal.)
White Side Walls: 1:10 (12 oz./gal.)
Concrete, Swimming Pools: 1:15 (8 oz./gal.)
Vending Machines: 1:15 (8 oz./gal.)
Oil Spills or Oil on Floors from Tool and Die Equipment: 1:10 (12 oz./gal.)
Air Conditioning and Heating Filters: 1:15 (8 oz./gal.

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