Husky 145

All Temp Dish Detergent

Multi-use solution.

This highly concentrated non-foaming cleaner is formulated for superior performance in both high and low temperature dish machines. The high concentration of both alkaline boosters and cleaning agents help break down and remove heavy grease and other build-up from everyday food service use.

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Product Details
Dilution Various
pH Level 13.3 - 14.0
Color Red
Fragrance Fragrance Free
Pack Size 5 Gal Pail
How to Use
  1. Spot clean heavy build-up and rinse dishes before use.
  2. Dilution may vary depending on facility type and level of soil build-up. Traditional usage is between 3-7 ml per gallon.
  3. Ensure equipment is dosing properly using the titration method to test alkalinity.
  4. For peak performance, test multiple racks to ensure effective dilutions are met for your facility.

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