Husky 110

HD Delimer

Break-through performance.

This highly concentrated, phosphoric based descaler is especially effective against lime, calcium, hard water and other scale on metal and plastic surfaces. Perfect for use in both high and low temp dish machines to help keep the tubing, jets and rinse arms clear of build-up, producing a more effective clean. This product is also very effective at removing mineral deposits and rust marks off of other hard surfaces.

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Product Details
Dilution 8 oz./tank
pH Level 0.5 - 1.0
Color Dye Free
Fragrance Fragrance Free
Pack Size 4/1 Gal
How to Use

Dish Wash Machines:

  1. Dilute 8 ounces per wash tank.
  2. Run machine for 10 minutes on the Delime setting.
  3. For best results, close drain and use hot water.
  4. Rinse thoroughly and resume normal use.

Drinking Fountains:

  1. Dilute 1 ounce per gallon of water to remove hard water film and iron stains.
  2. Thoroughly rinse with water.

Aluminum/Metal Brightening:

  1. Dilute 1 or 2 ounces per quart of hot water.
  2. Remove any loose soils starting from bottom with a brush.
  3. Agitate surface where necessary and rinse thoroughly
  4. Always apply to small area first to determine proper concentration.

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