Canberra Launches New 3-Sink Plus Program

July 7, 2023

Canberra’s NEW 3-Sink Plus Program pairs quality chemistry with a robust venturi system. Suitable for use in high flow applications with BrightGap or AirGap backflow preventers, the 3-Sink Plus Dispenser was designed to accurately dispense Husky S/V Disinfectant and Husky MaxSuds into 3-compartment sinks for manual, industrial dishwashing.

The Canberra 3-Sink Plus Program was designed with user safety and simplicity in mind. Husky S/V Disinfectant and Husky MaxSuds products include closed-loop inserts and safety cap adaptors, ensuring zero chemical contact during change-outs. The new dispenser has a patented dilution dial that eliminates the need for metering tips and allows up to 13 dilution ratios to be selected per chemical, providing optimal customization and increased accuracy.

“Our new 3-Sink Plus Program offers unparalleled safety and simplicity for our customers,” says Courtney Ryan, Director of Marketing I&I Division at Canberra Corporation. “We understand the importance of providing a user-friendly and safe solution for manual dishwashing, and this program delivers just that.”

Canberra has been a leading manufacturer of cleaning chemicals for the commercial, institutional, and industrial markets since 1963. A third-generation family business, Canberra has a reputation for excellence, quality and innovation. The launch of the new 3-Sink Plus Program is a testament to Canberra’s commitment to providing the best cleaning solutions on the market.