NEW Check Mate Electrostatic Cleaning System Provides More Effective Cleaning and Disinfecting

January 19, 2018

Canberra is pleased to introduce the Check Mate Electrostatic Cleaning System, a system that provides frontline employees an easy and effective way to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses in schools, gyms, acute long-term care medical facilities, nurseries, offices and more. This system pairs Canberra’s expertise in industry leading cleaning chemicals and disinfectants with an electrostatic application technology to provide a more effective cleaning and disinfecting process. This new system helps reduce user error and greatly reduces the time required to clean and disinfect our facilities.

The Check Mate system includes:

  • A disinfectant that works 70% faster than traditional disinfectants.
  • A sanitizer to quickly and easily sanitize food and non-food surfaces.
  • An applicator that quickly and evenly covers the entire surface area.

This program not only shortens disinfecting dwell times, it also provides an application device that covers more surface area in a lot less time!

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