EPA Approves RTU Disinfectant for SARS-CoV-2

September 9, 2020

Canberra is focused on leading the industry in innovation, information and education.

Canberra is proud to announce that Husky 814 QT Tuberculocidal Spray Disinfectant has been tested against the specific organism that causes COVID-19 and matches the fastest kill claim in the United States for a liquid disinfectant.

Husky 814 inactivates this virus in only 60 seconds.

This formula joins our other fast-acting disinfectants that have been tested against and proven to inactivate the organism.

“Assumptions created using the Emerging Pathogen Guidance are used to help give direction until actual testing is available. Offering products that have been tested specifically against the organism of concern goes the next step further to help our customers disinfect with confidence. Having the nation’s fastest contact times for both a ready-to-use and ultra-concentrated option delivers on that confidence,” said Chase Yacko, National Sales & Marketing Manager.

Below are the four products and their contact times against 2019 SARS-CoV-2.

  • Husky 319 Everyday Non-Acid / 3 Minute Contact Time
  • Husky 319 DF Everyday Non-Acid (Dye-Free) / 3 Minute Contact Time
  • Husky 814 Q/T Tuberculocidal Spray Disinfectant Cleaner / 1 Minute Contact Time
  • Husky 824 Quick Care Disinfectant / 3 Minute Contact Time

Canberra is committed to providing innovative disinfecting solutions and will continue to provide solutions that work from people you trust.

*EPA Registration Number: 1839-83

Update as of: September 14, 2020

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