Check Mate Electrostatic Cleaning System

The Check Mate Electrostatic Cleaning System provides rapid, uniform application of fast-acting chemicals to allow for exceptional coverage in a fraction of the time - using chemicals that boast kill times up to 10 times faster than competitive products.

When liquids are charged electrostatically, a positive charge is added to each droplet as it propels through the sprayer.  Like magnets, these droplets are attracted to surfaces - which typically carry a negative charge - and spread out uniformly along that surface.  This system enables:

  • Better surface adhesion
  • Uniform coverage, even in hard-to-reach areas
  • Less chemicals required to treat the same surface area
  • Faster application time

The Check Mate Electrostatic Cleaning System includes the Professional Electrostatic Sprayers, and a suite of fast acting chemicals.

Husky 418 Mold Control - This dye-free, fragrance-free, EPA registered solution eliminates and prevents mold without bleach, ammonia, alcohol or VOC's.

Husky 814 Q/T Tuberculocidal Spray Disinfectant Cleaner - This dye-free, lemon-fragranced, cleaner/disinfectant is effective against over 30 different organisms including Hepatitis A, Influenza and Norovirus. It kills Norovirus in only 30 seconds!

Husky 824 Quick Care Disinfectant- A concentrated four-in-one, hospital grade disinfectant that cleans, disinfects, deodorizes and sanitizes a wide range of surfaces. This alkaline pH product is effective at killing a wide range of bacteria and viruses in 3 minutes or less. Effective in killing odor causing bacteria as well as able to sanitize soft surfaces such as drapes, furniture cushions and more.

Husky 830 Food Service Sanitizer - This dye-free, fragrance-free, non-ammoniated solution sanitizes food and non-food contact surfaces in 60 seconds.

Husky 892 Arena Plus Disinfectant- A concentrated, neutral pH formula cleans and disinfects in one step. This disinfectant has both bacteria and virus claims of only 5 minutes (including Norovirus) instead of the traditional 10 minutes dwell times required by most concentrated disinfectants in the market. As a neutral pH cleaner, this formula can be used on a wide range of surfaces including finished floors.


Looking for a quick and easy way to disinfect? Check out the new Check Mate Spray Bottle. It's compatible with most RTU formulas and delivers a fine mist to effectively disinfect large or small areas. 


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Q/T Tuberculocidal Spray Disinfectant Cleaner
Food Service Sanitizer
Mold Control
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