Canberra Launches All-New Dishwashing Lineup

February 3, 2022

Canberra Corporation announced the launch an all-new lineup of Husky® dishwashing solutions.

Developed with end-users in mind, Canberra’s Manual Warewash Solutions deliver products that fit the needs of every customer. Featured in the lineup is Husky® Super Sparkle in an all-new, convenient 38 oz. squeeze bottle.

Also included in the Manual Warewash Solutions are Husky® Everyday Suds and Husky® MaxSuds. Everyday Suds is packaged in a space saving gallon and was created for everyday washing of light soils. MaxSuds features Grease Decrease Technology in an F-Style gallon and is designed for use with the 3-Sink Plus Dispenser.

“Creating a range of dishwashing products that can meet the needs of any facility was the goal of this launch. Whether you’re an owner of a small childcare facility or a large pizza chain, there’s a solution for you,” said Allie Burns, I & I Content Manager.

Canberra Corporation is a recognized leader in cleaning chemical manufacturing, product innovation and customer driven services for the commercial, institutional, industrial and retail markets.

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