Canberra Corporation Launches Two New Disinfectants

January 22, 2019

Canberra Corporation, a leading manufacturer of cleaning chemicals for the commercial, institutional and industrial markets, is excited to introduce two new disinfectants to the Husky line and Private Brand offering.

Husky 892 Arena Plus Disinfectant and Husky 824 Quick Care Disinfectant incorporate the latest in disinfection technology and effectively eradicate bacteria, viruses and fungi from a variety of surfaces.

“When we stepped out of our offices and listened to people using standard disinfectants, we found that not only were very few people using them properly, they didn’t have 10 minutes to wait for the disinfectant to do it’s job,” said Chase Yacko, National Sales & Marketing Manager, Canberra Corporation.

Unlike other disinfectants in the market with 10-minute kill claims, Arena Plus kills bacteria and virus’ in 5 minutes, including Norovirus. This neutral pH formula cleans and disinfects in one-step. Arena Plus is approved for many surfaces such as tile, finished hardwood and rubber floors in a variety of environments including: hospitals, long term care facilities, hotels and schools.

Husky 824 Quick Care is a four-in-one disinfectant that cleans, disinfects, sanitizes and deodorizes. With 50 different kill claims, Quick Care is effective at killing Influenza Type A in 60 seconds and sanitizes hard surfaces in 15 seconds. Along with its ability to air dry, Quick Care is one of few products on the market today that is registered to sanitize soft, porous surfaces.

“Bacteria and viruses can live on soft surfaces for weeks. People tend to forget about the soft surfaces too. Like the chair in a waiting room or the recliner at a movie theater,” said Yacko.

Both Husky Arena Plus and Husky Quick Care are concentrated formulas packaged in an easy-to-use, squeeze and pour bottle. This design promotes proper dilution while keeping costs low to ensure every day, economical use.

“We wanted to deliver a solution that met the needs of the average user, said Yacko. “At Canberra, we’re always looking for the next innovation for the market. This is just the next step in delivering on that promise.”

For more information and to take advantage of the introductory special pricing, please contact your local Canberra Sales Support team.

Husky 824 & 892 are available for Private Brand.

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