Are Your Floors Ready For Winter?

Flooring is an important and expensive asset to every facility and the effects of winter can cause serious damage to a beautiful floor.  Foot traffic heavy with winter soils such as water, dirt and salt leads to premature stripping of finish, discoloring of tile and breakdown of carpet fibers.  Protect your floors with a winter floor care program.  Use Husky 710 Floor Cleaner & Neutralizer to clean salt residue and haze from resilient and non-resilient flooring and carpeting.  This all-natural, citric acid based formula can be diluted 1/2 - 2 oz. for general cleaning. 

Tips For A Winter Floor Care Program

  • Place appropriate matting at all entrances to trap ice melt and soak up excess moisture.
  • Give matting extra attention this time of year with regular use of a wet vac or carpet extractor.
  • Add a neutralizer solution to the carpet extractor tank to combat the pH of ice melt. Not only will this help clean and neutralize the pH, it will also assist in odor control of soggy wet fibers.
  • Change your regular damp mop cleaner to a neutralizer cleaner solution like the Husky 710. This product balances out the pH of ice melt salts and removes the white haze residue caused by winter soils.
  • Take good care of your auto scrubber by cleaning the tank regularly and using Husky 710 Floor Cleaner & Neutralizer on the auto scrubber tubing.  This will maintain the life of your machinery by preventing alkaline buildup.
  • Change the mop bucket solution often.  Ice melt residues are more corrosive than standard soils and will blacken mop water quickly.