Norovirus Stomach Bug



From the Wall Street Journal:
The Stomach Bug Norovirus Rips Through U.S. Schools!

 “Norovirus, a particularly fierce stomach virus, is striking this month and has forced school closings around the country” -WSJ

Canberra has two products that will help in fighting the spread of this devastating virus.



The Husky 814 Q/T Tuberculocidal Spray Disinfectant Cleaner, a ready-to-use, quaternary ammonium disinfectant spray cleaner that is ideal for healthcare facilities due to its extensive list of disinfectant claims.


The Husky 820 Hospital Disinfectant Concentrate, a dye-free, mildly fragranced, concentrated quaternary ammonium disinfectant cleaner that is ideal for use in health care settings. EPA-registered as a Broad Spectrum Disinfectant cleaning product.


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Other sources: CDC Website