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Husky 815 HCD Disinfectant Effective Against C. diff spores in 2 Minutes


Canberra is pleased to offer Husky 815 HCD Disinfectant, a hydrogen-peroxide based disinfectant that is effective in killing a broad spectrum of harmful bacteria and viruses, including C. diff.   Clostridium difficile, (C. diff), is a spore forming bacterium that is very difficult to remove and can be transferred to hospital patients via the hands of a healthcare worker or visitor who has touched a contaminated surface or item.  Preventing the spread of C. difficile is particularly difficult because its spores are resistant to standard disinfectants and can live on hard surfaces for months.   Husky 815 HCD Disinfectant is effective against C. diff. in 2 minutes helping hospitals to reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections.  

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Introducing New Floor Cleaner With Enzymes


Canberra Corporation is pleased to introduce Husky 404 Floor Cleaner (with Enzymes).  This enzyme-fortified cleaner and degreaser attacks grease, oils, and other contaminants on floor surfaces. In kitchen environments, grease is inevitable and can build up on tile and grout causing floors to be slippery and a safety hazard.  The enzymes in Husky 404 penetrate deep into porous surfaces and grout lines to remove a wide range grease, oils, and other embedded soils.  The enzymes continue to work by degrading residual organics even after the cleaning process is complete.  Husky 404 Floor Cleaner (with Enzymes) also helps to control odors by breaking down odor causing organics resulting in cleaner and safer floors with fewer odors.

Canberra Introduces New Ultra Restorer


Canberra is pleased to introduce Husky 1045 Ultra Restorer.  This ultra high speed finish / restorer cleans, restores, and protects high gloss finish.  It is easy to use and provides a brilliant reflective shine making it a perfect solution for those “quick-fix” jobs that require the same beautiful results as a complete refinishing session. 

Husky 1045 Ultra Restorer is available in 4/1 gallon and 6 32/oz. squeeze and pour and for private branding.

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Canberra Introduces a New Floor Finish for Low Maintenance Programs


Canberra is pleased to introduce the newest addition to our floor care offering; Husky 1026 Dry Bright Floor Finish.  This high-solids, high-gloss finish is designed for low maintenance floor care programs. Its scuff and scratch resistant properties extend the life of the coating, while maintaining a wet-look gloss even after multiple floor scrubs.  This high-repairable, non-yellowing, low odor finish requires less maintenance than traditional high solid finishes.

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Canberra Introduces 2 Products to Combat and Remove Mold and Mildew


Canberra is pleased to introduce two ready-to-use solutions that combat existing mold, inhibit future mold growth, and remove unsightly mold and mildew stains. 

Husky 416 Mildew Stain Remover cleans and whitens mold and mildew stains.  This ready-to-use product can be used anywhere mold and mildew stains are present including tile, grout, showers, counters, sinks and basement walls and floors. 

Husky 418 Mold Control is a ready-to-use spray cleaner that crushes mold spores at the roots and leaves an invisible barrier on the surface that provides protection against future growth. It is ideal for mold remediation and mold prevention following flooding and water damage cleanup.  It can also be used to pre-treat building materials to provide mold resistance.  Made of non-toxic ingredients, Husky 418 is safe to use on hard and soft surfaces including wallboard and fabric upholstery.  

Get control of mold and mildew issues in schools, offices, hotels and resorts, health clubs, restaurants, and other facilities where mold issues commonly occur.

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Canberra Participates in the NSF Non Food Compounds Registration Program


Canberra is proud to announce its participation in the NSF Non Food Compounds Registration Program.  Seventeen (17) of Canberra's Husky and JAWS brand cleaning products are currently listed in the online NSF White Book - Non Foods Compounds Listing Directory. 

This voluntary program, which replaces the authorization program previously administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), provides documented proof of the acceptability of cleaning and disinfecting products for use in and around food establishments and food processing facilities.

The FDA aims to ensure that the food supply is safe, and it is shifting its focus from responding to contamination to preventing it.  Therefore, food establishments and food processing facilities are specifying non-food products, including cleaning products, that have been proven to reduce food safety risks.  "Canberra is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality cleaning products.  We believe it is imperative that we invest in the NSF Non Food Compounds Registration Program to ensure that our end use customers can safely use these fine products in their facilities", said Danny Johnson, President. 

Canberra NSF Non-Food Registered listed products include Husky and JAWS brand Glass and Hard Surface Cleaners, Multi-Purpose Cleaners, Industrial Cleaners, Restroom Cleaners and Floor Care Products. 

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Canberra Launches Newly Designed Website


Canberra is pleased to introduce its newly designed website,, which incorporates improved product information and user friendly features such as search engine tools and current news and information updates. In addition, users can easily identify product specifications and download product data sheets and labels. Equally important is the Services section, which clearly identifies the variety of ways Canberra services our many customers.
You will find many of the newly designed branding elements throughout the website, including our newly refreshed logo, which represents growth, the wide range of services we offer and the diversity of clients we serve.
Canberra has experienced tremendous growth and the new website incorporates all the features necessary for today's business climate. We will continue to develop tools, products and services to meet the needs of today's customers.

Visit Canberra at ISSA Interclean 2012


The One Show for the Cleaning Industry

October 17 – 19
McCormick Place, Chicago
Booth #2248

There is a whole lot of “new” at Canberra. Stop by our new booth to learn about recent product introductions including our Husky® Everyday product line and the Husky Everyday 915 Cleaner / Degreaser.  And while you’re there, check out our new corporate branding and our new sales and marketing tools! We look forward to seeing you in Chicago.

Canberra Introduces Full Line of CARB Compliant Floor Finishes


All Husky floor finishes now contain less than one percent VOCs

Canberra has reformulated all Husky floor finishes to California Air Resource Board (CARB) standards and now contain less than one percent Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), thus reducing the environmental impact of this category. CARB is widely considered to be the leader in air quality protection and many state regulations now prohibit the sale of floor polishes or waxes that contain VOC in excess of one percent.

Additionally, product performance and ease of application has been improved as a result of this reformulation process. Canberra's Sales Team is available for floor finish demonstrations - please contact your account representative to set an appointment. For more about Canberra's Floor Care program, click here.

EPA Program Recognizes Canberra as a Product Formulator Champion


Canberra commits to use only safer surfactants in Husky® products

 The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)'s Design for the Environment (DfE) program, as part of the Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative (SDSI), has recognized Canberra as a Product Formulator Champion, the highest level of recognition offered in the category. As an SDSI Champion, Canberra must demonstrate the use of only safer surfactants in products and document a strategy for ensuring that only safer surfactants are used.

Safer surfactants break down quickly to non-polluting compounds and help protect aquatic life in both fresh and salt water. Nonylphenol ethoxylates, commonly referred to as NPEs, are an example of a surfactant class that does not meet the definition of a safer surfactant. NPE's take longer to degrade than other cleaning agents, thus increasing the amount of time organisms are exposed to these chemicals. All Husky® products are NPE-free.